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welcome friends...

For me yoga is about living a life of purpose and balance. Through living yoga on and off the mat, one learns to honor and love their body, mind, and soul, as well as friends, family, and the earth.

Yoga practice "on the mat" helps make the body strong, flexible, supple, and blissful; as well as guiding the mind into a clear but relaxed state where we can let go of attachment to unhelpful thoughts, and start to consciously choose positive life affirming thoughts.

Yoga practice "off the mat" includes eating and sleeping in alignment with nature, playing well with life, gratitude, laughter, listening, compassion and non-judgement towards ourselves and others. From this place of non-judgemental awareness we can then consciously begin to align our thoughts, words, and actions towards our highest dreams, ideals, and purpose.  

All of these things create a life of purpose, health, fulfillment, and inner peace.

   Yoga is not just for flexible people.
    Yoga is not for people who want to run away from the world and live in a cave.
    Yoga is not a religion...

    Yoga is for people who can’t touch their toes, (duh thats why you need it. I couldn’t touch my toes when I started either!)
    Yoga is for people who want to find balance in a modern world which is anything but...
    Yoga is to help a christian be a better christian, a jew a better jew, a muslim a better muslim, a hindu a better hindu...

My hope is that through the practice of yoga people can find physical health, emotional stability, and spiritual peace, so they can make the best decisions in their daily lives which reflect their highest ideals and greatest goals. May all people treat themselves, others, and life with kindness, patience, compassion, and joy!

Om Shanti, (Peace to all)

Andrew Tanner, Nov. 2012

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Yoga Pose
Yoga Pose


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